So I wanted to experiment with Jekyll. I found it was very fast and smooth to get started with, so from now on I will recommend it to my non-technical friends who (want to) write blogs. To technical friends alike, I should say.

I mentioned non-technical friends because I like to increase the general level of tech literacy. Not that technical/non-technical would be a binary thing… Not at all. Anyway, I feel Jekyll lets you tunnel through lots of technical things without requiring much prior knowledge.

I may have a huge blind spot but, hopefully, I will find out shortly. I cannot wait to see writers pick up technologies such as Git, GitHub, Markdown and principles such as versioning, configuring, building, …

Now that I have played with Jekyll a little, I feel so lazy about updating my existing personal website. It is only a static page, it was built with Sphinx, it looks low-tech but I actually like it this way.

I will let you know what happens once I make up my mind. In the meantime, let me wish you a Happy New Year!