This morning, I braced myself and made a fresh pot of coffee at RC. The algorithm was taped on the coffee machine. That was easy (just follow the instructions) but, somehow, doing something for the first time is always a little intimidating. Sarah and I had a nice conversation about this phenomenon in tech, whenever we start using a new language or framework. Really, everyone gets started the same way, looking the new tool up and following the docs.

Brad brought some breakfast to share. What a treat! I joined Noah and Sean in their discussion about web apps for launching, monitoring, retrieving (possibly heavy-duty) scientific computing jobs (such as image processing). They talked about Wasm, which I would install later today. I told Noah about Shiny and Dash, and we agreed to have a study jam on multi-threaded programming. At some point.

This afternoon, I joined a conversation about implicit type conversion in Python. Then, I pair-programmed with Danielle on her colourful project which uses Rust and Wasm together. We wanted to add leading zeroes to the RGB values so that they always display as three digits (and the overall text has constant width). My JavaScript is so rusty, but I was okay under Danielle’s guidance.

I discovered the syntactic sugar of template literals and got a refresher on how to raise (throw) errors. I pushed my habit for defensive programming, i.e., including expectation checks. Oh, I have to get going because I want attend the non-technical presentations RCers are giving now!